HLB Tietotili Oy expands to Salo through two accounting office acquisitions

29 November 2023

HLB Tietotili acquired TP Profiitti Oy and Tilitoimisto eProfit Oy on 17.11.2023, and through this, we will expand our office network to Salo as well as strengthen our presence in Kerava. Our new offices will join the HLB Tietotili Group as fully owned subsidiaries and continue with the whole current staff.


The traditional handshakes with TP Profiitti's Merja and Hanna-Leena


...as well as with Tilitoimisto eProfit's Päivi.

TP Profiitti Oy

TP Profiitti Oy has grown from a financial administration providing consultancy firm run by two women to an eight-person accounting firm in the past 10 years. With the continuous increase in clients and industry requirements, TP Profiitti wanted a larger operator as a partner. Through that, TP Profiitti can broaden its service offering to cover more extensive advisory services, such as legal, HR and international accounting services.

Both of TP Profiitti’s entrepreneurs, Merja Lehtinen and Hanna-Leena Rantala, will continue to work in the current location with the rest of the staff. As a result, HLB Tietotili gains an office outside of the capital region in Salo. Additionally, we get even more skilled and experienced staff members to strengthen our operations.


Tilitoimisto eProfit Oy

The accounting industry is under significant transformation as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation continue to improve. Tilitoimisto eProfit Oy's entrepreneur, Päivi Virtanen, found that by selling the company’s entire share capital to HLB Tietotili, Tilitoimisto eProfit would be able to provide the best possible services to its clients now and in the future. Despite the change, Päivi and eProfit’s team will continue as normal among numbers and clients with the same passion as before.

The way HLB Tietotili operates and their values regarding staff and clients is very similar to their way of working. It is very important to Tilitoimisto eProfit’s entrepreneurs that HLB Tietotili wants to know their clients too and that they provide services in a traditional way with modern methods. Additionally, the staff and their skills are appreciated, and the work environment is good.


Veikko Virkki and Urpo Salo signing the contract of sale happily.

HLB Tietotili has continued its growth in 2023 as well. We will keep developing TP Profiitti’s and Tilitoimisto eProfit’s successful business operations by providing additional support and new services to their selection. It is also great that through this we can expand our office locations outside of the capital region.

Welcome to HLB Tietotili Group, the whole of our new staff and clients!


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