Advisory services

Our experts can bring their know-how and their own vision into the company's different development stages. We have extensive knowledge and experience in e.g. the areas of accounting, taxation and business management. Such situations can be e.g. acquisitions, corporate restructuring, tax planning and company development.

Whatever your business' size, company form or life cycle stage, Tietotili's experts know how to advise precisely according to your situation and needs. They are able to explain even the most difficult topics in plain language, because they have a broad and deep understanding of the subject. With their help, you too will be able to internalise the most important terms and make well-considered decisions.

Advisory services:

Implementation of financial management and related problems

Taxation (indirect and direct taxation as well as planning and redress)

International taxation issues

KHT expert's statements and settlement of disputes

Planning and applying for financing

Shareholder agreements and other problems related to the mutual affairs of the shareholders

Business management questions and management team work

Establishment of a business and changes in company structures (e.g. mergers, diffusions, changes in company form, etc.)

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