HR services

In addition to HR services supporting payroll, we provide now other HR services that are important for business operations. This includes mapping clients' needs, checking and updating documents related to HRM as well as developing other HR operations according to the client's needs. The service packages are customised according to the client’s needs to ensure the best possible benefits.

Our HR services support and make it easier for our clients to grow and develop. Outsourced HR services are especially recommended for ventures that want to improve their human resource management, but hiring an internal expert is not yet relevant or necessary. With the help of HLB Tietotili, you can attract skilled workers as well as keep the employee turnover rate low.

At best, well executed HR operations can support the client’s operations and improve the organisational culture. The goal of HLB Tietotili’s HR services is to give our clients the tools to identify the success and risk factors in the workforce as well as utilising this information in business development. By anticipating possible risks, you can avoid uncertainty and possible problems.


Mapping and forming the HR service package

Building a service package starts with an initial interview, through which we map out the client’s needs. In the mapping, we use HR Health Check to help us form a big picture of the company’s current HR operations as well as how well they support the business’ needs and goals. This can help bring forth development targets that the client has not noticed themselves.

Once the mapping has been done, we commence with creating the development plan for HR operations based on the client’s needs. The plan can aim to improve the development of operational as well as strategic human resource management and administration matters. The collaboration can begin once the client has approved the required development measures.

HR services can include

Mapping statutory documents (HR Health Check)

Updating and creating missing statutory documents based on the mapping

Updating the orientation program

Supplementing the personnel manual

Sections related to building the work community development plan (e.g. training plan)

Mapping and updating the documents required by the Act on Co-operation in Undertakings (also known as change negotiations) (more than 20 employees)

Developing the manager's ABC

Planning the HR annual clock

Equality and equity plan

Sparring on a topic chosen by the client


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