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Tietotili has been part of the global HLB International network since 1997. HLB has an extensive network of professional financial management offices of various sizes in 156 different countries. HLB International has been awarded in 2020 and 2022 with the respected Network of the Year title at the international Digital Accounting Bulletin Annual Awards. Our broad global network makes internationalisation easy, as we can point you to the HLB office in the country of your choosing, and they can guide and advise you further.

The awarded advisory and accounting network consists of over a thousand skilled firms around the world. It is likely that we have offices in countries where you might want to expand operations to. Our clients, who are looking to internationalise, get to utilise this broad network and the resources it offers.

A local expert brings many advantages when expanding a business. They have first-hand experience and knowledge of the target country's taxation, laws and regulations. In addition, they have a lot of resources and contacts with other local organisations. This can open a lot of new doors and opportunities that might not be as easily accessible without local support.

The partners of HLB International network are reliable and competent. HLB International regularly supervises and inspects the operations of both us and other companies in the network in order to be able to guarantee the quality. Internationalisation is indeed easier and safer with the help of HLB.

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