Fennoa – truly easy-to-use financial management software

Fennoa is a comprehensive financial management program that makes financial management smooth and seamless. Accounting, invoicing, invoice approval and payment, payroll and digital financial statements can be handled in one service, so there is no need to transfer data between different software and risk data loss or data protection. This makes financial management easier and faster between the company and accounting firm.

Tietotili is an official Fennoa partner. Therefore, the services we offer take place in close cooperation with Fennoa, and our personnel have solid expertise in the use of their program.


Why should you choose Fennoa for your company?

Fennoa is financial management software that is made very easy to use for business customers. It streamlines many financial management tasks, eliminating many manual work steps with the help of various automations. With Fennoa, you make sure that you don't spend additional time wondering about the twists and turns of financial management.

The different areas of Fennoa's software form a seamless and logical whole. All the necessary functions and documents can be found in the same place. Collaboration is most effective when everyone can use the same software. Shared use also enables flexibility in the division of tasks, so as an accounting firm we can substitute the person responsible for financial tasks at your company if necessary.

More about Fennoa

Fennoa's software includes:

Sales and purchase invoices


Monthly invoicing of employer payments, foreclosures and social security payments

Banking operations

Electronic signature

Electronic archiving

Integrations and Fennoa API

A mobile application with e.g. the possibility of photographing receipts

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