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Salo is home to HLB Tietotili Group two subsidiaries, TP Profiitti and Tilitoimisto eProfit. Both offer comprehensive financial management and payroll services. In addition, they provide a wide range of advisory services offered by HLB Tietotili Group, such as legal services and HR services.

TP Profiitti Oy

TP Profiitti is an accounting firm established in 2013 in Örninkatu, Salo. Over the past 10 years, it has grown from a financial management specialist company run by two entrepreneur women to an accounting firm with eight employees. It joined HLB Tietotili Group as a wholly owned subsidiary due to the continued growth in client numbers and industry requirements.

TP Profiitti's service offering includes various financial management services, payroll services, consulting services and training services. In addition, as part of the HLB Tietotili Group, they also provide a wide range of specialist services to meet your business needs. At TP Profiitti, we mainly use Netvisor financial management software.

Reliability and professionalism are close to the heart of our team at TP Profiitti and part of our service promise. This is how TP Profiitti has achieved very long-term customer relationships. The business will continue in the same way as part of the HLB Tietotili Group.

TP Profiitti website

TP Profiitti Oy
Örninkatu 15 B
24100 Salo

TP Profiitti team


Tilitoimisto eProfit Oy
Turuntie 22
24240 Salo

Tilitoimisto eProfit Oy

Tilitoimisto eProfit is an accounting firm located in Turuntie, Salo. The office has grown rapidly in just a few years and employs eight accountants and payroll experts. It joined HLB Tietotili Group to continue to provide the best possible service to its current and future clients.

Tilitoimisto eProfit provides accounting services, payroll services, financial reporting services, sales invoicing and purchase invoicing services. In addition, they provide services in cooperation with HLB Tietotili Group, including legal services, HR services and other advisory services. At eProfit, we use Fennoa and Netvisor financial management software.

Flexible services and up-to-date technology ensure efficient and simple financial management through eProfit. Business development is made easy as we analyse your company's data and report the results. Our priority is to provide support in managing your business finances.

Tilitoimisto eProfit website

Tilitoimisto eProfit team

Local and skilled accountancy firm in Salo

HLB Tietotili Group's aim is to be an accessible local accountancy firm, regardless of its size. It is important to us that our clients have access to a personal service directly from their designated contact person. This objective is the reason why we have expanded outside the capital region.

We offer the benefits of a small accountancy firm with the advantages and services of a large accounting firm. Get the best possible results by using HLB Tietotili Group for all your financial management needs. Fast and unobstructed communication between our various offices also ensures fast and hassle-free service to our clients. Please contact your contact person if you are interested in the expert services offered by HLB Tietotili Group.

In addition to a wider range of services, HLB Tietotili Group opens the doors to the extensive international HLB International Network, which provides our clients with a wide range of resources for internationalisation. If you are interested in expanding your business into international markets, we can point you to an HLB office in the country of your choice, and they can guide and advise you on how to proceed. The partners in the HLB International chain are reliable and knowledgeable.

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