Outsourced purchase ledger

Outsourced purchase ledger services help to make your company's payment transactions more efficient. We keep your ledger up to date so that you can monitor your company's cash flow - from where and where to the money is going. Our experts can also recommend solutions and operating models that are suitable for your company.

Tietotili helps to automate your purchase ledger so that you stay up to date with your company's financial situation. Our specialists offer help in making every step or just a specific step more efficient, so that you can focus on other company functions.

Purchase invoices

Processing purchase invoices can be tedious and time-consuming. A modern financial management system makes processing invoices easier and more efficient. Approved invoices are automatically transferred to the purchase ledger, which keeps it up-to-date, and it is easy to search for old invoices in the archives.

Let Tietotili's professionals handle the purchase invoices for you, so you can focus on developing and growing your business. If required, our experts help with the implementation of the financial management software. After the program is implemented, our experts will support you in processing purchase invoices and usually take care of posting the invoices.

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Purchase invoice services:

Collecting received e-invoices from the operator

Checking and approving invoices online

Posting invoices and transferring them to the approval cycle

Actively requesting e-invoices from suppliers

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Improve the predictability of your company with an up-to-date cash flow, which also makes planning payments easier. Tietotili's specialists can handle your company's payments for you easily and effortlessly. This way, you will have more time to develop and grow your business.

Bill payment services:

Picking installments easily from the purchase ledger

Possibility to make cash-based payments

Effective identifications, certificates and event logs

Up-to-date cash flow forecast of incoming and outgoing cash flows for payment planning

Domestic and international payments, also outside the SEPA area

Vacation or other fill ins, if payments are mainly handled by the company

Multi-banking – all included banks are kept up to date

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