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Accounting services

HLB Tietotili Oy is a full-service accounting firm, and a forerunner in electronic financial administration. Daily routines are processed efficiently through our software, and financial information is easily available for use. 


Our expertise and experience in accounting is available throughout the day when needed. Our professional staff is always ready to help and advise in your company finance and taxation, no matter what your company form is in Finland.

Professionals at your service:

Our services



Full-service accounting from financial statements to taxation. We can take care of every statutory accounting obligation on behalf of your company. 


Electronic financial administration

Take a step into modern accounting and adopt one of our electronic accounting solutions as your financial administration software. We offer a wide range of different software options, from which the appropriate system can be selected according to the client's needs. With the systems we offer, you can handle all basic financial functions smoothly and in real time, paperless.



Our experienced personnel in accounting, taxation and business management are able to help you in challenging situations. Assistance is always available when you need it!


payroll and hr

Our payroll accountants calculate and execute payments of wages reliably with precision.  We also offer other human resource services based on the client's needs.


International growth

Tietotili is part of HLB, an international chain of independent financial administration companies, operating worldwide in 157 countries. We are genuinely international, and able to assist in finance and tax related issues that may arise across boarders.

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