Audit guarantees the legality of business operations and error-free financial statements. It reviews the company's accounting, financial statement, other documents and administration for each financial period separately. An auditor approved by the Patent and Registration Office (PRH) performs the audit and prepares an audit report at the end of it.

We recommend that you choose an auditor in time if you estimate that your company will grow quickly and exceed the limits of the audit obligation. Tietotili Audit Oy is an Auditing Society registered by the authority. Our KHT and HT auditors therefore meet the requirements of the Auditing Act and are people approved by PRH, so you can confidently choose us as your auditor.

Audit services:

Statutory audit

Due Diligence Review (DDR)

Special audit

Assurance engagements

Support application review

Traffic permit statements

When must an auditor be selected?

Chapter 2 of the Auditing Act (TTL) defines regulations on the selection of an auditor. In general, all entities and foundations with accounting obligations choose an auditor according to the Accounting Act. The exception to this are the smallest bookkeeping-obligated businesses, who are exempted from mandatory auditing by law with certain exceptions.

An auditor is not necessary when at most one of the following conditions is met in both the completed and the preceding financial period:

The balance sheet total exceeds 100,000 €

Turnover or equivalent income exceeds 200,000 € or

On average, there are more than three people working for the company

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Tietotili Audit Oy

Tietotili Audit is our subsidiary, which carries out audits for assignments other than those handled by HLB Tietotili Oy. It is an Auditing Society registered by the authority. Therefore, our KHT and HT auditors meet the requirements of the Auditing Act and are people approved by PRH.

When you need an auditor, Tietotili Audit offers experienced and precise auditors for all your auditing needs. You can confidently let us handle your audit in accordance with the law. Additionally, our experts can help in analysing reports and going through financial statements.

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