Financial management software

Electronic financial and payroll management makes manual, routine work easier and faster. It also reduces the possibility of human errors, which makes work even more efficient. All relevant information can also be easily and securely shared with an accounting firm. You will have more time for other key functions within your company when you implement electronic financial management software.

Tietotili has a wide selection of different financial management software in use, so every client can find a system that suits their needs. We use e.g. Fennoa, Procountor, Netvisor, Fivaldi, Odoo, and Lemonsoft. Additionally, Tietotili can utilize the client's pre-existing systems when building a financial management system.

We are partners with many of the different software providers. We work closely with them, so that we can offer the best and most up-to-date information regarding the use of the programs. Tietotili is also an authorised reseller for many of the software mentioned below. You can inquire more about it from our experts when you contact us.


Fennoa is a comprehensive financial management program that makes financial management smooth and seamless. Accounting, invoicing, invoice approval and payment, payroll as well as digital financial statements can be handled in one place.
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Visma Fivaldi is a financial management program aimed at SMEs and accounting firms. Financial management routines run effortlessly together with the accounting office. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence increases efficiency.
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The Lemonsoft Financial Management program has been developed with accountants and auditors. A modern financial management solution for accounting firms, companies and accountants automates and electrifies the typical tasks of financial management.
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Netvisor is a financial management software aimed at automating invoicing and accounting. You can handle financial administration, accounting, invoicing and payroll from one software.
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Odoo, intended for SMEs, is an open-source solution for business management and business applications. It is a flexible and cost-effective ERP system.
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Procountor scales according to the company's situation, which is why it is suitable for businesses of all sizes and types. It is also easy to integrate with other software, making it easier to switch to new software.
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TietotiliOnline is HLB Tietotili's own financial management software. All financial management tasks are easily and efficiently run from one system.
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Payroll management software

In addition to a wide selection of financial management software, Tietotili also has specialised software for payroll. Their purpose is to facilitate payroll through automation and artificial intelligence. By making routine work more efficient, you have more time for other things.

Tietotili's experts can recommend suitable software for you and advise on its implementation and use. With the help of our specialists, you can get the most out of the software, so that you can maximise efficiency, and focus on your company's operations.



Mepco collects staff information efficiently and calculates the information using application automation, e.g. in accordance with TES-requirements. So, you can happily let the program and our professionals take care of things for you in accordance with the regulations.
Read more unifies and automates payroll. The payroll process runs smoothly when you can send materials, search for reports and edit employee information conveniently from one software.
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