Group accounting and IFRS services

HLB Tietotili's external accounting CFO experts are available for various group accounting and IFRS issues. With the help of our professional staff, you can get answers to even the most challenging questions so that your company's financial management can move forward. We can help with all kinds of group accounting and IFRS consulting needs, so leave a contact request and our experts will get back to you.

Group reporting

You can find a wide range of group accounting services at Tietotili. This includes e.g. preparing and combining the group's financial reports and financial statements. The purpose of the services is to help your company better understand the group's financial situation and make better and justified business decisions. This way you can produce comparable and reliable information for key stakeholders, such as investors and authorities.

Group accounting services:

Preparing and combining consolidated financial statements

Preparing consolidated balance sheet and income statement

Producing the preface of the group's profit and cash flows

Analysing the group's cash flows and profit

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IFRS advisory services

Compliance with the IFRS standard is demanding and constantly changing. Therefore, we recommend that you consider getting an experienced specialist to apply it. With the help of Tietotili's experts, you can ensure that you comply with IFRS standards and produce reliable reports.

The professional assigned to you will be able to internalise your company and your reporting system, allowing us to help you effectively. The better we understand your operations, the better we can apply IFRS regulations in financial reporting to suit you.

IFRS advisory services:

Reporting and financial statements according to IFRS standards

IFRS conversions

IFRS advice and consulting

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