Working capital management

Effective working capital management improves cash flow and the company's general business operations. It helps improve capital turnover, liquidity and return on invested capital. Working capital management can also be optimised for exceptional situations.

HLB Tietotili's experts help you improve working capital management by mapping the company's current financial situation. When you get a clear picture of the current situation, planning to optimise working capital is easier. We help you manage working capital so you can improve your business operations.

Different needs for different sized companies

Different companies need working capital management for different purposes. Growth companies often focus on acquiring investments and negative cash flow is not out of the ordinary. The goal of working capital management in such case is to ensure that cash is sufficient and liquidity is good enough. With enhanced working capital management and optimisation, e.g. the need for financing can be postponed to a later date.

Larger organisations often use working capital management to control cash for a purpose other than working capital. This frees up resources for other purposes, so the company does not have to apply for financing for that need in the future. Additionally, listed companies can benefit from optimised working capital to achieve a better return on invested capital, which in turn gives a positive impression to investors.

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