Cash flow management

Cash flow management consists of monitoring the current financial situation and how it will develop in a certain period of time. Through this, it is possible to prevent running out of cash resources and prepare for possible liquidity challenges. Cash flow management is a time-consuming task that is most efficiently handled by a professional with years of financial management experience.

HLB Tietotili's experts are there to support you in cash flow management and identifying possible flexibilities. Whether you need help with daily or long-term cash flow forecasting, we will help you plan measures and create different scenarios. Let's see together how we can improve your company's cash flow.

Cash flow forecast

Tietotili offers cash flow forecasting services for both daily and longer term. The daily cash forecast focuses on predicting the payments due on a daily basis and when they will be due, as well as what income can be expected at any given time. This makes it easier to assess when the company might need additional financing.

Long-term cash flow forecast focuses on the customer's business trends, assumptions and forecasts. The company's long-term goals give direction to measures that improve cash flow, which in turn help to create different scenarios for the cash flow forecast.

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