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Financial reporting is a business management tool that supports decision-making and helps prioritise the organisation's use of time and resources. The entirety of the report varies depending on the company, because e.g. different ventures need different data for business development. We help you identify the most important information and performance metrics for your company.

HLB Tietotili's experts are there to support you from the creation of reports to their analysis and review together with the company's key personnel. With the help of our experienced specialists, your company can more easily identify areas of development and help utilise existing resources as efficiently as possible.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) derived from the strategy and business environment also bring important information about the company's financial situation and how well the company has performed compared to the predetermined goals. Cash flow is particularly important, especially for those at the beginning of a business, because it can be used to identify investment opportunities and additional financing needs as early as possible.

HLB Tietotili can produce reports for the management according to the company's needs and operations. Different financial management experts participate in making the report, so that it reflects the company's situation as accurately as possible. Forecasts and budgets are also reviewed with the business' key personnel.

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Benefits of management reporting:

Bringing to the fore information that supports comprehensive management and development of business operations, decision-making and setting financial goals.

Freeing up company management's resources for business development.

Increases investors' confidence in the company's financial management and vision of the future development of the business.

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