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Behind every succesful company, is a diligent accounting company that manages the finances. We provide trustworthy financial administration services for your company.


Accounting and financial statements.

Accounting creates the foundation for tracking and planning finances.  Digital accounting eliminates most of the manual work that accounting previously consisted of through automation. Even with automation every company still requires a proficient accountant to manage accounting, financial statements and tax obligations. 

Accounting services

  • Import of information from subsystems to accounting

  • Booking of missing transactions

  • Ledger reconciliations

  • Monthly accounting statements

  • Monthly reporting

  • Statutory noticies to third parties

  • Annual financial statement

  • Income tax returns


Sale invoices

Invoicing is the most common factor to generate financial resources for a company, and therefore one of the most important functions. Electronic invoicing is preferred by most clients and vendors. Finvoice is the prevailing type on e-invoice, it is safe, reliable, and delivered quickly. Finvoices can be sent via TietotiliOnline to all clients eligible to receive e-invoices.

Invoicing with TietotiliOnline:

  • Billable items are logged in to the web based platform from any location with internet access.

  • Invoices are sent as e-invoices, email attachments or mail service provided by the operator.

  • Recurring transactions can be invoiced by dates or fixed intervals.

  • Received payments are matched to invoices based on reference details everynight, total receivables is available for scrutiny every morning.   

  • Sales ledger is integrated to invoicing and banking software.

Purchase invoices

Purchase invoice processing

Purchase invoices and expense claims are processed with TietotilOnline. Approved costs are transferred to the purchase ledger and accounting automatically. 

Purchase invoice processing includes:

  • Retrieving e-invoices from the operator.

  • Invoices received by mail are scanned and converted to digital form. 

  • Invoices are logged to appropriate accounts and transferred for approval.

  • Designated personnel in your company inspect the invoices are as agreed, and approve them online.

  • Approved invoices are moved to the purchase ledger.

  • Purchase ledger is up to date and payments can processed from the ledger.

  • We request e-invoices from suppliers on a regular basis.

  • The electronic invoice archive can be used to search for past invoices.  

Outgoing payments

Payments service

Payment transactions can be processed by a person from the company but Tietotili can provide this service also and you purchase invoices will be always on time. Payments are processed through our TietotiliOnline sofware easily and securily. 

Payment service features:

  • Illustrative payment planning, up to date cash flow statement, incoming and outgoing payments. 

  • Multibank, up to date information on all bank account balances

  • Instalments are created by picking invoices from the purchase ledger.

  • Possibility to make cashier payments

  • Domestic and  internatioanl payments, outside SEPA zone also .

  • Efficient authentication, digital certificates, and logs of transactions. 

  • Tietotili can handle payments during holidays and other absences if payments are mainly handled by someone in your company.   



Company finances can be monitotred with reports. Reports can be simple by format, but provide the needed information. We can also provide more in-depth reports for effective decision making. The proper tools will give you a general view, or detailed description of the financial information you are looking for.

Reporting features:

  • The basic information of the reports are saved in the cloud and can be extracted to the desired extent.

  • Reports withholding real time information, such as liquidity can be updated on demand.

  • Reports based on past data that allow for a larger picture of the finances can expanded to show more precise data.  

  • Customized cost accounting reports that are more complex can be manufactured to meet demand. 

Payroll and HR

Payroll and HR

Payroll and human resource management are important parts of business. We will take care of payroll computation and provide tools for managing human resources.

payroll services

  • Transfer transaction files from subsystems in use.

  • Travel and cost expenses in digital form

  • Fast payroll computation with precision

  • Provide employees with payslips in e-wage or vie email.

  • Transfer payroll information to accounting and cost accounting.

  • Filing of self-assessed tax return to the appropriate authorities.

  • Debt recovery procedures and trade union payements

  • Annual tax return of paid wags.

  • Employee pension noticies, monthly and annual.



All the commissioned work to Tietotili is produced in modern and efficient systems. Majority of financial administraion providing companies claim to do so, but there are massive differences in the IT know-how.  

Digital financial solutions

Digital financial administration

All of your financial administration in a digital accounting platfrom. We use TietotiliOnline, but will take care of commissions in different systems also. 

By digital accounting platoform we mean:

  • Sales invoicing is executed as e-invoicing, we reccommend Finvoice

  • Transactions are booked automatically based on reference numbers.

  • Purchase invoices are received as e.invoices.

  • Received invoices are checked and approved online.

  • Payment transaction are logged in the same system, and therefore purchase ledger is updated automatically.

  • Salary infromation from different departments are collected digitally, and transferred to payroll. Payslips are provided as eSalaries.  

  • Travel and expense invoices arre processed digitally.

Client IT solutions

Different softwares used by clients

We tend to small and medium sized enterprises. Digitilization makes strides forward and companies are adapting different softwares to utilize in their business. We can build interfaces to transfer data from a variety of platforms into our accounting system. 

We can incorporate data from existing IT solution such as:

  • Prevailing cash registers, warehouse and ERP systems used to operate crucial business funtions.

  • We can manage the accounting through online based softwares such as Netvisor, Procountor, and other equivalent solutions.

  • With larger enterprises, we can adapt to more extensive information solution systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or camaparable.

  • Interfaces from preexisting solutions can be built to transfer data to TietotiliOnline. A variety of solutions for data transfer can be organized to meet the client demand.



Finland is entirely dependable on foreign trade. Even small companies have expanded to provide goods and services to foreign countries in Europe and beyond. These moves demand finance and tax expertise related to govering local regulations. We are fully equipped to assist with local rules and regulations. Tietotili has been a part of HLB International, an international chain of independent financial adminsitraion companies, since 1997.  


Accounting services to your company from reliable partner

Accounting services you need

Tietotili Consulting Oy is reliable, proficient partner to take care of your company's accounting services. We take care of your accounting in paperless electronic software and your reporting is up to date all the time. Our advisory services help you when ever needed to make your business even better.

Global network

International network

Tietotili has been a part of HLB International since 1997. HLB has a focus on small and medium sized enterprises. The other member firms are local equivalents of Tietotili in their home countries, efficient, filled with financial administration proffessionals.

With cooperation from our network, we can help clients expand worldwide.

  • HLB International has representation in approximately 150 countries.

  • We can indicate clients in need of internation assistance to trustworthy, and proficient companies, as well as reliable partner to manage the transition.

  • A local partner in a member company can instruct, advise, and lead the way for expansion. 

  • Partners in different countries can further reccommend other local service providers.

  • Costs will not spiral upwards, but the provided service from the member company will be reliable

  • The member firms are audited for service quality every few years by the corporate office.


Accounts compiled by a professional is the base for a clear and understandable reporting. Exceptional results are reached by making the correct decisions at the right time. Our specialists are ready to help in the most demanding tax, finance and business management matters. Our sister company is Tietotili Audit Oy, which specialises in audits and the most arduous services. 


Consultancy and appraisals

Refining a business includes phases that our specialists can bring value and proffesional competence. In these situation, outside consultants can bring unmeasurable added value to the outcome of decision making.

Our consultancy and appraisal services include:

  • Financial administraion implementation and specific accounting problems.

  • Taxation; direct and indirect, planning, petitions. 

  • Establishing a business, corporate structure changes such as fusions, diffusions, and comapny entity changes. 

  • Shareholders' agreements, and other agreements or issues between stakeholders.

  • Advice related to international taxation

  • Audits by Tietotili Audit Oy, excluding clients with valid accounting agreements with Tietotili Consulting Oy.

  • Business management appraisals, management group work.

  • Financial planning and funding applications.

  • Attestations and settling legal disputes by CPA consultant.


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Tietotili Consulting Oy       Phone 09 7253 0800
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