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19 September 2023

As technology develops, accounting firms have to also develop their services with it. Manual work is mostly handled with the help of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). At Tietotili, we want to expand our services to meet the current market’s needs through advisory and consulting services.

You can now get high-quality juristic services for various business situations from Tietotili. Our new services consist of contract and corporate law, labour law, IPR law, public procurement, real estate and construction law, compliance practices, dispute resolution and mediation. We will have a closer look at the service areas a little bit later in the article.

Introducing Tietotili’s legal expert

As our legal expert operates Tomi Rantasaari (OTL, KTM), who started his career doing financial management tasks at Tietotili about 20 years ago. From Tietotili, he directed his career to law studies, after which he has obtained a long experience doing various judicature tasks and operating as a corporate lawyer in energy and infrastructure companies as well as in the construction industry. Tomi is now back with us to strengthen and expand our offering.

During autumn, Tietotili will arrange webinars or other training events, where our clients and anyone interested get to familiarise themselves with our legal services through current themes. We will inform more about future events when they are relevant. That’s why you should keep an eye on Tietotili’s website as well as social media channels.


Tomi Rantasaari
Legal Advisor
+358 40 705 9377

Let’s look at the new legal service areas

The service areas we have chosen play a central role in the different stages of business operations, so that we can support our clients when they need it. As our operations develop, we want to strengthen our legal team and diversify our services even more, so that we can supports our clients’ needs now and in the future.


Contract law

The contracts of a successful company are of high quality, understandable and clear. They support business and create the conditions for long-term contractual relationships. We offer expert help with drafting your contracts, contract negotiations, and resolving disagreements related to contracts.

Corporate law

Knowing company law issues is extremely important in terms of effective management and good governance. We assist our clients in company law matters both in the initial stages of the company as well as after that. You can get help from us e.g. for establishing a company, business planning, drafting shareholder agreements and coordinating the work of the management team and board of directors.

Public procurement

We also help our clients in the planning and implementation of public tenders. If you are participating in the tender as a tenderer, we assist in the evaluation of tender requests, preparation of tenders and appeal processes. We also manage the Act on Public Contracts in Special sectors, which is applied e.g. in the construction of energy networks, water supply management and transport.

Real estate and construction

When it comes to real estate and construction, many areas of the law often surface. We can help our clients with e.g. real estate transactions, land use matters and drafting work contracts.


Compliance means complying with the company's obligations, be it contracts or legislation. By creating effective compliance practices, the company is able to detect and prevent events that could significantly harm the company's reputation and client relations. A responsible company is more attractive for investors and customers.

Intellectual property rights (IPR)

Tietotili helps you in creating a strategy for dealing with employment inventions and protecting intangible assets. We assist in planning the right protection method and in drafting various agreements regarding intangible rights. With the help of our comprehensive cooperation network, we are also able to handle more demanding situations, such as patent applications and other processes related to its protection.

Labour law

Employment law means the regulation of rights and obligations regarding the employment relationship. It includes e.g. employment contracts, annual holidays, questions related to working hours, employer's obligations and questions related to termination of employment. Tietotili guides its clients in labour law matters at all stages of the employment relationship.

Settlement negotiations and dispute resolution

Lawsuits take time and other resources away from business operations, which is why it is highly recommended that they remain as a last resort. Settlement negotiations are often the most effective way to resolve disputes and ensure a satisfactory outcome for both parties. Tietotili supports its clients from small disputes to larger disagreements. If, despite everything, it is not possible to avoid a trial, we will acquire sufficient resources for the process through our network.

Are you interested in the new legal services, or do you have additional questions?

Tietotili's sales team will be happy to answer your questions and help you forward.


Tommi Virkki
Sales Manager
+358 41 317 3244


Karri Salo
Sales Manager
+358 40 777 3519

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