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Our industry is transforming rapidly and creating more intriguing aspects to speacilise in. Digitilization is revolutionizing the industry and the related work. Manual routines are becoming absolete and they are being replaced by more interesting specialist consultancy work.

Clients require face-to-face consultancy in addition to the basic accounting work. The industry is interesting, challenging, and rewarding but also demanding.

This is the industry for you if you are ambitious about selfdevelopment and acquiring new skills. You will collaborate with clients and different people in order to fulfill your tasks.

You can never possess too many skills and we will help you reach your true potential.

Tietotili is a medium sized company in the industry. We have always invested in technology and have been in the frontline for electronic financial administration since the beginning. We offer varying job opportunities which will challenge you with local, and international clients. 

What we expect from you?

Our working procedures and processes are under constant scrutiny and development. Social skills and team work abilities are crucial in meeting deadlines and client demands.

Education in financial administration and a hard work ethic are attributes we are looking for in our employees. Our international clients require multilingual service. A profficient english level is appreciated but we also valua the command of other languages.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Tietotili work community, fill in the application form. Please attach a CV, and other documents deemed approriate for you application.

We will contact you! 

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