Could Tietotili Consulting Oy be the best accounting firm in Finland?

Yes, we at Tietotili know and believe that we are one of the best accounting firms in the industry.

Our conception is based on client expectations, and knowledge of the competition in the industry.


Accountng companies do not reflect client expectations most of the time. We have a thorough knowledge of the industry, and our counterparts from over 33 year experience.

Tietotili Consulting Oy

Urpo Salo, Partner                       Veikko Virkki, Partner

CPA                                               CPA

Read our justification:


Market research, and customer polls indicate that expertise and personalized service are the most valued services an accounting company can offer.

Whether accounting is conducted electronically or manually, a  financial administration proffesional is always needed to produce information to base decisions on.

Our competent team will provide you and your company with exceptional financial administration service. You will receive personalized support and all the information needed to back decisions on financial information.

Every client is important and receives the same level of service!

1. Personalized, competent service!

Should you choose a large or small accounting company? Large companies are more interested in expanding and increasing their market share. Key account managers are overbooked and thus frustrated and exhausted. Eventually, clients do not receive the service they signed up for. 

Small companies have little to no resources and expertise can vary noticeably. Even with years of experience and knowldge, small companies will eventully run out of resources to provide sufficient service and attention to the client.

We possess a vast amount of know-how and, have the resources to produce quality service to our clients. We are trustworthy and accomplished, ready to take over you accounting reliably!

2. We are the right size to partner with!

Accounting and miscellaneous financial administration basic tasks are managed with efficient information systems.


Financial administration can be carried out by using applicable sub-systems which can be connected to TietotiliOnline via interface connections.


We utilize digital processes which creates accounting information that is available anywhere and requires no physical documents. In todays digital environent. basic manual routines are mostly automated. . 

Automated transaction processessing leaves more time to concentrate on creating essential financial information.


3. Modern electronic information systems.


Tietotili is a privately owned family company that has been a part of HLB international since 1997.  HLB international is an international chain of independent financial administration firms operating neary 150 countries around the world.

International working environment is a part of our everyday life. Our staff is competent in multiple languages, and ready to help in tax and finance matters across Finnish boarders.

International operations used to be controlled by large companies. Today, internatinal business is conducted by smaller and smaller companies aiming to expend business. We can aid in organizing your international operations by guiding you to our reliable international contacts worldwide.. 

4. International presence brings valuable contacts and know-how!