Tietotili Porras


Automated financial administration services for mid-sized companies

Tietotili Porras includes all the basic financial administration services, expert services and customized interfaces linking your prevailing systems to TietotiliOnline.

  • Sale and purchase invoices, pay roll management, accounting and other statutory obligations.
  • Interfaces to other systems such as ERP’S, billing, Heeros, CPM/Fakta and fund management.
  • Expert services including reconciliations, deferrals, other manual procedures and managerial and conglomerate accounting.

In addition to the benefits of automation, Tietotili experts will be liable for the financial routines. Tietotili Porras can be calibrated according to business changes, and work distribution is fine tuned between our accounts and your staff to make processes as effortless as possible.

Tietotili Porras is aimed at mid-sized companies looking to automate their processes into an integrated system to achieve cost-savings and free resources.

Contact us for a consultation session to map out time, and resource saving solutions.

Tietotili Porras includes all the service in the Kivijalka package.

  • TietotiliOnline web services

o   Purchase and sale invoices

o   Payroll management

o   Accounting

o   Statutory obligations

  • Kivijalka services
  • Money management solutions
  • Interfaces to other systems e.g:

o   ERP

o   Billing

o   Heeros

o   CPM/Fakta

  • Tietotili expert services e.g:

o   Cash flow reconciliation

o   Managerial accounting

o   Financial controller

o   Deferral and other demanding measures

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