Choose the package that serves your needs.

Each of the service packages withholds predefined services that produce financial administration operations reliably in real-time in a cost-efficient manner.

The service packages are aimed at different operational environments and differ in service details according to the chosen package.

Tietotili Kivijalka


A basic financial administration service package that includes all the necessary services in real-time via TietotiliOnline web portal.

Tietotili Kivijalka package can be used to handle billing and invoices. Tietotili’s accountant will take care of the accounting, financial statements, payroll, and tax declarations. Tietotili Kivijalka is suitable for a small company or an entrepreneur.

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Tietotili Porras


Tietotili will accommodate the specific needs of your company. Tietotili Porras offers financial administration services that can be blended to fit with other used systems.

Our experts will assists in managerial and corporate accounting and offer real-time information to aid decision making. Tietotili Porras is suitable for medium sized enterprises that use industry oriented billing systems and client based reporting.

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Tietotili Näköala


Tietotili dominates even the hardest of challenges associated with financial administration

Tietotili Näköala is a digitized service that requires little to no control due to a high level of automation. The processes are planned and executed in cooperation with the clients. Reports portray a real-time depiction of the financial situation, and our accountants anticipate and prepare for future challenges and opportunities with the client. Näköala service is befitting for midsize conglomerates and high growth enterprises that require controller services.

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