TietotiliOnline reports are constantly updated to ensure relevant data to base business decisions on. Daily progress composition can be monitored and irregularities can be stopped based on report data. The reporting function works with a mobile device and can be accessed at anytime. The reports can be evaluated in-depth all the way to individual vouchers of transactions. Cash-flow forecasts are available to help with capital planning, and payment schedules. Due invoices are organized by date, and overdue receivables are presented in orderly fashion to portray a complete picture of the capital flow. Profit, revenue or other criteria can be compared to previous years by value, percentage, and any other figures you might need. Monthly revenues can be set for a side-by-side evaluation or compared to previous years. The reporting function is constructed to be very flexible in order to allow reports to be created according to your needs. The reporting standards are planned in the beginning so they are constantly available without constant help from our staff. Contact us for more information about customizing your reports.

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