Purchase invoice processing

Treatment of purchase invoices could not be easier for our clients. Invoices are audited for accuracy and placed in the right accounts before our clients even see them. All that is left for you to do is open TietotiliOnline and verify that the invoice is in accordance to the order. The invoices can be viewed as PDF’s for verification purposes, and by a click of a button the transaction transfers to the ledger to await for payment.

We transfer e-invoices straight from the operator into TietotiliOnline, and paper invoices should be directly sent to us from the provider. We will take care of the invoices on a daily basis, and they will be available for verification on the same day we receive them. We will check the suppliers details such as bank account and that they have signed up to the tax prepayment register. The invoices are archived but remain visible in the software. The invoice inspector and acceptor can add attachments to the invoices thus eliminating any need for sending attachments directly to us. When all these steps can be taken digitally, the process of circulating the invoice in the predefined chain becomes effortless, and the invoice can be verified with a mobile device at your convenience.

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