TietotiliOnline has a billing function that can be easily operated regardless of a company size. The web portal can be accessed from anywhere and invoices can be sent by logging in with your user name. The software uses a web operator that delivers the invoices by any of the available means on your behalf. If your client wants to have the invoices sent to their e-mail, this needs to be done manually by saving the invoice as a PDF and then attaching to an e-mail. As soon as the invoice is processed, the transaction details transfer to the accounts and sales ledger and the accounts are constantly available with updated data. Recurring invoices can be automated to be dispatched according to contracts. TietotiOnline billing function is versatile but user friendly.

Billing can be completely outsourced, we can take care of it as a part of service package. We will provide a professional accountant to handle all the billing who calculates the VAT’s and other details. This is as personalized as service can get.

If you have a prior billing system in use, TietotiliOnline can be synchronized with it. We have multiple interfaces that can accommodate existing systems. Please be in contact with us if this option is the best fit.

Contact us, we will gladly answer any questions about the billing service.


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