International cooperation

Internationalism has been an essential part of Tietotili’s 20 year old journey. Tietotili joined the HLBi financial administration and audit society in 1997. We have been actively taking part in international matters and are one of the most internationally active accounting companies in Finland.

Benefits of international relations

Joining the HLBi chain has been a profitable decisions. The major inducements brought are:

International clients

International clients are recommended and directed to us by colleagues from different offices

Seminars, training, and networking

We take part in international seminars and conferences that provide valuable information and create important relations to agents and operators around the world. Client base can be expanded to various countries and demanding commissions are received as a result of these conferences.

Quality Control

Our services under go vigorous quality control measures on behalf of the HLBi chain. The quality control inspections are conducted every few years. The previous control was conducted in November 2015 from which Tietotili received a grade 1, in the 1-5 scale with 1 being the highest.



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