Information system vs accounting company?

Should you choose the information system or accounting company first?

Valid questions for which there is no simple answer. Information systems and accounting companies alike are very different. Web-based systems are the industry standard which begs the question: is there use for a accounting company?

An accounting company with skillful personnel does not last long in the industry if their systems are outdated. There are many poor systems available which even a proficient accountant could not navigate for the wanted results. The key is the find the best accountants to use systems that provide the wanted result easily.

If there is a lot accounting know-how in a company, it might be a good option to use a web-portal alone without additional services. If accounting skills are not present, the daily accounting routines can be accomplished in cooperation with an accounting company for added value.

Tietotili has developed a financial administration web portal, TietotiliOnline, in 2007. TietotiliOnline is a modern financial administration system that can tackle all the fundamental functions required in the daily processes. The system is constantly updated to meet client requirements and build a more descriptive financial administration information solution. Find out more about the system on our website.




How to choose a web portal?

A good web portal is the starting point!

Financial administration is a daily routine that is often viewed as a burden. The chosen financial administration system makes a significant difference in the produced information and its quality.

Majority of the available portals consist of outdated accounting solutions. As the user numbers increase, new functions are added but the basic solutions remain unchanged.

TietotiliOnline has been built in cooperation with accountants for exceptional usability and appropriate functions. We are confident that the system is superior to equivalent available solutions.

Accounting at its best is based on real-time data, and transactions can be entered as they are processed. The information database should be accessible for viewing or constructing extensive reports. TietotiliOnline makes this possible in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Become acquainted with TietotiliOnline and distinguish the excellence yourself.



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