E-invoice solutions


Finvoice is the answer

TietotiliOnline is a comprehensive financial administration software, that enables efficient processing of all the daily financial administration operations. Sale invoicing is a basic module of the software which facilitates fast, cost-effective invoice processing.

E-invoices are cost-effective.

E-invoices are environmentally friendly and substantially cheaper in relation to paper invoices. Optimization of the financial administration processes are organized through e-invoicing and automation. The reliability of the transferred information is impeccable, which is why the receiver of the e-invoice gains the greatest benefits. E-invoices are transferred with precision, allowing for a great deal of information exchange from the sender to the receiver – digitally. The e-invoices need to be manually verified for contract accordance.

E-invoices, PDF invoices and paper invoices from the same software

The invoice function in TietotiliOnline permits invoices to be sent to clients regardless of the preferred form. The e-invoice operator delivers the invoice to the recipient in the form you desire. Paper invoices can be digitally transferred to the operator where it is printed and sent via post carrier, or you can print it yourself and send it.

E-invoices according to Finvoice standard.

Up-to-date accounts receivable

Once TietotiliOnline is adopted as the primary software for invoices, a synopsis of outstanding payments is available every morning. TietotiliOnline retrieves all the data related to transactions overnight from the bank accounts, decompresses them to the sales ledger and moves them to the correct accounts. Upon opening the software in the morning, all the transaction up to the previous day are available with immaculate precision.

Payments without the reference details, need to be entered to the ledgers manually. This constitutes additional work and more importantly costs. Using reference details is imperative when making payments.

Welcome to Tietotili, let’s take your invoicing process to the digital era!

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