Digital financial administration software

TietotiliOnline is a web based portal for financial administration

Digital financial administration enables real-time transaction and information treatment in every company. The benefits are so substantial that they should not be overlooked no matter how far-fetched they might seem at first.

The daily routines of every company need to be managed one way or another, invoices need to be sent, bills need to paid, and cash flow needs to be monitored. Automate these processes through digitization and take control of the situation

TietotiliOnline is web based financial administration software

TietotiliOnline is a web based financial administration software

Choose which affairs to do yourself – we can take care of the rest!

We have constructed TietotiliOnline in a way that allows workload allocation to be divided between the client and our accountants in a manner that best suits the capabilities of the client. As a company grows and resources shift places, workloads can easily be adjusted according to the situation. All the users work and update the same data which reflects the actual financial situation.

Detached software solution – take care of everything yourself!

TietotiliOnline is a comprehensive software that can be used to take care of the entire financial administration process individually, without additional services.

As a company expands or a situation develops that requires assistance, our accountants are ready to help at your convenience. If you do not need any assistance, you will only be charged for the resources that are applicable by contract.

All of the basic daily routines can be organized with TietotiliOnline. In the case that a separate ERP or equivalent system is used, we can incorporate it to the software rather effortlessly. The interface can be constructed in multiple ways, but the underlying aim is to have all the software automated for real-time data transfer in-between them. After a functioning interface is constructed, TietotiliOnline can be used for the daily financial administration routines since all the same information is available in the ERP system and TietotiliOnline. Decisions can be based on relevant data, not assumptions or outdated accounting information.

We will gladly showcase the features available in TietotiliOnline.

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