Features included in TietotiliOnline

One system

All the requisite functions are available. Additional systems can be linked to TietotiliOnline with a customized interface, making it possible to capitalize on the benefits of using multiple systems.


User friendly

Navigating through the system is easy, and with a few short lessons we can teach all the necessary functions. Reports can be viewed with a tablet device or smart phone.



Accounting is largely generated as a byproduct of purchase and sale invoice processing, and bank statement decompression. Digital processing enables the data to be viewed in real-time everyday.

In addition to accounting, TietotiliOnline can be used to gather diverse cost accounting information about essential components of the business.

A proficient accountant is a key factor in ensuring the few manual processes are properly managed in TietotiliOnline, or any other system in the market.

Purchase and utility invoices

Purchase and utility invoices are processed into the system by our daily service team. The system retrieves bank statements and e-invoices automatically from the operators, and performs a large amount of entries automatically. Sale and purchase invoices are also transferred to the system overnight.


Sale invoices

The billing function can be used to make invoices based on single sales, and recurring contractual invoices. Invoices are delivered via web operator as e-invoices, in paper or PDF attachments of an e-mail.



Purchase and utility invoices are grouped from the up-to-date ledger into a batch which is sent to the bank system for payment. The installments can be collected at anytime and sent to the bank when the invoices are close to being due. Payments to international bank accounts can also be directed at their appropriate receiver.

Purchase ledger

Purchase and utility invoices are transferred to the ledger once they are verified by the corresponding person. Payments are executed from the up-to-date ledger.


Sales ledger

Delivered sale invoices transfer to the sales ledger automatically. Bank statements and reference information are retrieved from the bank overnight. The transactions from the previous day are allocated to their accounts during the night. Transactions without reference details need to be manually entered.


Cash-flow forecasts

Liquidity and short term cash-flow forecasts can be accurately evaluated at a glance. The cash-flow forecasts are based on real-time ledgers, and bank account balances. One glance at the forecasts and you will know the current, and future financial situation!




In a digital environment, transaction do not need to be saved manually. The invoices and reference information transfers digitally to the system through the web operator. Upon finishing the verification process of the invoice, all the details are saved automatically the the corresponding system thus leaving no room for manual error.

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Computers perform calculations vigorously 24/7 to ensure that information is up-to-date each morning. The information system is constantly collecting updated data from different segments to ensure information is continuously available in real-time.

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Automated process treatment means slow, expensive manual work is practically nonexistent. A well planned service automation system provides accuracy at impeccable precision without using expensive labor resources. Automation amounts to substantial savings in financial administration costs.


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Reasons to choose TietotiliOnline?

Reasons for choosing TietotiliOnline

Automated web based system

All the basic function in one system

E-invoice – sending and receiving

Multi bank – Payments (domestic and international)

Real-time reports

Available expert services

Invoice scanning service

Data transfers between systems and excel


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