Sale invoices as e-invoices



Sale invoices are composed based on the registrar of customers and products that is added to the TietotiliOnline feature. Adding new customers and products to the registrar is easy. Invoices can be crafted without the registrar of products when it is not relevant.

Prior invoices as templates

Previously sent invoices can be used partly or in their entirety as templates for future invoices. The software is equipped to handle invoices where reverse VAT, and other commonly used parameters are justifiable. Unfinished invoices can be saved as drafts and finished at a later time. TietotiliOnlone allows invoices to be sent in all the commonly used methods; e-invoice, paper invoice through the operator, PDF e-mail attachment, and printout sent by the company. Immediately after the invoice is delivered, it can be found in the sales ledger where pending and received payments can be followed. TietotiliOnline retrieves the bank statements and reference information of the invoices straight from the bank, updates them to the sales ledger, and you will have real-time data at your disposal each morning. Only the invoices without reference information need to be manually logged to the system.

Recurring invoices easily and conveniently.

Periodically recurring invoices can be processed with a TietotiliOnline feature. Monthly recurring fees based on an agreement can be saved to the feature and the software will automatically dispatch it at a set date every month. Index-based prices can be updated to a larger customer cluster when prices change, meaning that a vast of amount of information can be updated into multiple invoices promptly. The invoices can be sent cost-effectively through the operator in a manner that suits the recipient.

E-invoices for consumers, Finvoices for enterprises

The invoices directed to public consumers are in e-invoice form, and Finvoice form for enterprises.

The invoicing feature speeds up the crafting process of invoices and technical errors diminish. Due to the automation of reference information retrieval, received payments, and ones pending, are constantly available for real-time observation. The sales ledger therefore displays up-to-date information each day.

Access to TietotiliOnline can be restricted according to job description. For example, sales personnel may only need access to the sales ledger to monitor their customers’ transactions. Restrictions can be modified as job descriptions and responsibilities change.



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