Tietotili is the answer for startups, we have helped countless companies from startup to successful businesses. There are many aspects an accounting company needs to consider when it comes to startups. The malleability of services and provided consultation are the foundation for a successful partnership with a startup and the accounting company. The practical components of a startup need to be resolved by the accounting company in a transparent and coherent manner. The scalability of the system is crucial as it needs to accommodate small startups with 1-5 employees and companies with more than 500 employees.

We have received appraisal that the Tietotili Kivijalka service package, it is effortless for a one person consultancy company, and meanwhile our biggest clients have 500 personnel in multiple sectors. We have taken part in helping companies in listing processes and in finding private equity investors from Finland and abroad.

The main benefit of scalability is the cost-efficiency, we can provide startups with a comprehensive financial administration service package at competitive price. Startups should evaluate their partners’s resources from the beginning to ensure their capabilities are enough to cope with projected growth. A Competent accounting company can be a great asset in the path to success.

If you want your startup to flourish, contact us for an offer of our services.

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