Being an entrepreneur means working long hours and having little to no time for yourself. Accounting is a monthly hassle because of VAT payments and other statutory obligations. When business is on the rise, long hours are spent on the business, and at slower times, a lot of work goes into marketing and acquiring new customers. Accounting is the first element that should be outsourced.

Our Kivijalka service package is specifically directed at easing the accounting part of an entrepreneur’s life. There will no need to retrieve and open invoices because your personal accountant will do it for you.

Tietotili service can be used to verify and pay pretreated invoices with a few clicks of a button. Billing is also made as easy as possible, construct the invoices in the software and we will take care of the rest. There is no need for extensive binders with invoices since the digital software archives vouchers and invoices alike. The real-time data is available for reports whenever it best suits you.

Due to the digitized software, receipts can be delivered by documenting them with a mobile phone. Digital financial administration allows you to concentrate on the business and use the limited spare time on something else.

Taxes are an important issue for an entrepreneur, and nobody wants to pay taxes more than is necessary. Tietotili will help you find an optimal tax solution for your company. The chosen business form and tax planning will help you save money and put it to better use.

We will gladly answer any inquiries about solutions for entrepreneurs, you will not be disappointed!

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