Family businesses

Family businesses are the foundation of the Finnish economy! Tietotili is a family business and the entrepreneurial mindset is very familiar to us.

Family businesses range from small to large enterprises, but the one thing they all have in common is the entrepreneurial mentality and participation of the owners. Financial administration is a highly valuable asset, that assists in decision making. Ever changing challenges in the operational environment, and the economy, require swift actions in order to stay afloat. The ability to adapt to changes, usually separates successful businesses from the unsuccessful ones.

Precise, real-time reporting tools help follow the operations on a daily basis. The service packages provided by Tietotili provide access to information that easily displays the development of a business.

As an entrepreneur, considerable savings can be accumulated by tax planning and optimized methods of withdrawing wages, dividends and other benefits. Smart tax planning is an important component of financial management, in which Tietotili can provide substantial added value. We can also assist in various project planning scenarios, acquisitions and other arrangements.

Further details on the most beneficial service packages will be answered upon inquiries.

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