Commercial enterprises

Commercial enterprises require a lot more information than is mandatory by the statutory accounting obligations. valuable leadership calls for correct, real-time information generated by financial administration reports.

Tietotili Näköala service is directed at commercial enterprises. We will build a thorough individualized reporting system that can extract the precise data used in the decision making process. With the correct information, decisions can be based on relevant data that leaves no room for uncertainty of the situation.

Big enterprises have their own industry orientated ERP systems which can be integrated into TietotiliOnline. This allows for both system to exist in a larger financial administration mechanism where information exchange happens digitally. Information can be transferred when necessary, and existing systems can be used without adopting new ones. The big mechanism works in harmony with smaller systems, and all the compiled data from different locations can be compressed into comprehensive reports in TietotiliOnline.

Large transaction quantities can be processed efficiently by automation, meaning daily routines can be processed quickly without errors. Our goal is to automate the daily processes as far as possible which results in cost-effective financial administration, and leaves more time to concentrate in consultation and controller services which demand more time and expertise.

Tietotili can provide assistance in budgeting, mergers & acquisitions, tax planning, ad-hoc cases and improving profitability. We thrive to be our clients’ trusted partner in all finance related manners.

Contact us, and let’s evaluate how you can benefit the most from our services.

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